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02/16/2015 - Oh Canada! The difference between buying in Canada vs. US...

There are many good reasons for living in this beautiful country, however when it comes to shopping online, especially for auto parts, it always seems a lot more feasible to purchase your parts from the United States.

Now I’ve been in this industry long enough to know that this may not always be the case. Although it may seem like you’ll be saving some cash if you purchase a product in the United States, however, after shipping, duty/brokerage fees to get the product or products into Canada, most of the time it either comes to the same price and sometimes even more expensive. Now there are always alternatives, for example, if you live near the US/Canadian border, you can always have you products shipped to a warehouse across the border, which happily accepts packages for a small fee, and then just go and pick it up yourself. But this takes time, and not to mention the gas you’re going to waste getting there and back, to maybe save a few dollars. Is it really worth it?

We see it all the time with customers coming into our shop located in Laval, QC, they ask for prices on a product, we price them out on said product, and they sometimes look at us as if we were crazy, like “I can get that same product for 30% cheaper in the US. True, however, if you take into consideration the US/CAN dollar exchange rate, which as of today is at  1.2588(25.88%), plus shipping to Canada, and duty/broker fees, you’re gonna end up paying way the same or more on that product you thought you’d end up saving on.

Let’s do some not so quick math here…

Let’s say you want to purchase a set of Megan Racing EZ-Street Coilovers for your Scion FR-S, the price on our Canadian web shop is currently $908.60 plus $53.10 shipped anywhere in Canada, so total comes to $961.70 CAD, plus applicable taxes, $1105.71(tax in) if you’re located in the province of Quebec, and $1009.79(tax in) if you’re located in any other Canadian province.

Now, if you were to purchase that same item in the US, cheapest price I was able to find on EBay was $699 USD, plus $50 USD for shipping to Canada. So, let’s calculate this now... $749 USD x (Current exchange rate: 1.2588) + (PayPal and Credit Card companies all add in an average 2.5% when converting currency, so exchange rate will actually be: 1.2838) = $961.56 CAD (Your total before duties to Canada).

Now add in the broker/duty fees, I’ll be nice and calculate duties & brokerage fees together at about 15%, so you’d be looking at $144.23 on duties & broker fees alone.  Your grand total would be approximately $1105.79 CAD shipped to your door after everything is said and done.

So do you still think it’s worth buying your parts in the US?

We’ve worked very hard in putting a system into place that allows us to offer our Canadian customers that best possible pricing. Here’s how our importing process works, basically when you place an order with us and we don’t have the item in stock, whether it be in our web shop, or in our retail shop, we place the order with the manufacturer/distributor in the US, we then have the product(s) shipped to our US warehouse, and approximately once every 3 weeks we send up a truck with all our orders. We also have dedicated broker that takes care of clearing all our shipments through Canadian customs, so this allows us to cut down costs even further since we clear multiple orders at once.

We, here at OverDosed Performance have been in the game for so long that we’ve seen  and tried it all. We ourselves are all hardcore automotive enthusiasts, and our goal is to make the parts you want available to you at the best possible pricing, without having to shop in the US. First off, by buying your products in Canada, you’re supporting the Canadian economy. Second, let’s say you do buy a product in the US, you pay the shipping and duty fees to get it here, and then you realize it’s the wrong product, or there’s something wrong with said product… do you really think Canada customs and UPS/Purolator/FedEX will reimburse the duty fees you paid if you have to send the product back? Out of experience, I can tell you that they will not. And lastly is customer service, if ever you have any type of problem with the items you purchase, we’ll do our best in getting the issues sorted out as quickly as possible, after all, we’re just a phone call or an e-mail away.

In closing, I would just like to thank you all for reading this little article I put together in hopes of making you Canadians understand that it’s not all that bad buying your car parts from Canadian companies… and if you have any questions, just hit us up by phone or by e-mail.

Chris Tsoraidis

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